Software License – DDNN Version 1.4

Permission is hereby granted to the individual or legal entity, who acquired
a copy of this Software and its associated documentation files (the “Software”),
through a commercial agreement formalized directly with the author, to handle
the Software with the rights to use, copy, modify and/or merge the Software with
other third-party Software, provided it is for your own use. The distribution,
sublicense and/or sale of copies of the Software to third parties is prohibited,
as well as its use in whole or in part for the creation of other Softwares with
these purposes. These rights are granted subject to the following conditions:
The copyright notice included in the Software files, as well a reference to this
license, must at all times be retained on all copies or substantial portions
of the Software. In the event of failures that may be attributed to the Software,
the server used for its hosting, or other devices on which it is installed,
the licensed agent agrees that the author of the Software will not be liable for
lost profits, costs of any nature, or damages that he or other users may suffer
as a result of using the Software.